Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nic Sauvé Real Snow Recap And Interview

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There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said about Forum/Special-Blend pro Nic Sauvé. But I'll say a few things just in case you happen to live in a cave. Nic is one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet and is an insanely good snowboarder. He is known for his banger video parts and his progressive, creative, and technical urban riding...he basically kills it any/everywhere on a snowboard. 
Despite his crazy busy schedule, he was able to answer a few questions about his recent X-Games experience and thoughts on the new Winter X event,  Real Snow.

If you haven't seen Nic's Real Snow video part, Click Here

-Yo Nic, congrats on the double medals (Gold in the Street Contest / Bronze in Real Snow) as well as Viewers Choice from winter X! How does it feel to go down in xgames history?
Thanks man! Well I think it's actually pretty funny. I never thought I would go to the x games, so getting gold out there is kinda crazy for me. Never expected that. But I'm stoked they brought up the realsnow category this year. It's definitely putting urban snowboarding on the map since it's more of an underground aspect of our sport.

-If you can, tell me about the whole Real Snow process from start to finish - what was your game plan going into it? Were you stoked on your shots/edit going into the voting?
My plan was to basically film everything back home in Quebec. But since the snow came in kind of late, I took an early trip with Pat Moore around Tahoe to get some shots really early. Then when I moved over to Quebec to get most of the stuff done I already had some shots in the bank so I wouldn't have to stress too much you know...

-How did filming for Real Snow/a contest differ than filming for a normal video part?
The short amount of time was a big difference. But as far as i am concerned, just the fact of being chosen to be part of those 8 riders meant a lot to me and it made me want to give it all I had.

-The Real Snow thing is new and super unique for the shred world...what are your thoughts on the concept of putting riders/video parts against each other to be voted on by the public to come up with a winner? Do you see it catching on and becoming more popular?
I think the concept is pretty cool, but still I think the contest format goes against the point of filming videoparts. We film those parts because we each want to show our personal way to shred, our personal view of snowboarding. Thats the point of making snowboard movies. And ones way of riding shouldn't win over someone else's. Every body rides different stuff better, or has different style, and that's what makes snowboarding awesome.

-You were up against some legends and great riders, how does it feel to have come out on top of dudes you watched kill it while you were growing up?
It's pretty cool, I guess. It means a lot to me cause yeah just like you said I basically learned how to snowboard watching Jeremy's, Seth's and JP's videoparts.

-Will any of the real snow shots carry over into your video part in the next Forum video or do you have to get all new shots?
We can use all of those shots for our regular videoparts.

-Do you see yourself doing more contests in the future?
I may do some more contests in the future. I will be doing one pretty soon in Japan. But I'm mostly stoked to go to Tokyo I think that's the main reason why I'm going. Filming videoparts will always be my main focus. And having fun!

-To wrap things up, what are the best and worst parts of spending so much time in the US? Real talk.
I don't bother too much. There's a lot of places I really enjoy going to in the states you know. Love the west coast. The worst part is being away from my girlfriend for too long thought.

-Thanks a bunch for taking the time to give people a look into what you've been up to...anything else you want to say? Good luck with the rest of your season and stay healthy!!!
Have Fun shredding that's all I have to say !

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  1. Nic is the new face of Forumn snowboarding