Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vacation Premiere comes to Reno, Nevada!

Reno hosted the "Vacation" premiere from Forum Snowboards Friday night at the Freight House District...with the exception of a few minor details, like the movie working, or the security staff giving us a hard time getting in, Forum fans came out in mass and the after party was all time. There was free beer and good times. Jake Welch, Stevie Bell, Cam Pierce andAusten Sweetin came out to support the premiere. This was my first time at the Freight House District and I was impressed with the spot. It's an outdoor/indoor patio style bar that sits on top of the baseball field. For after party entertainment, Chaotic Fusion took the stage, a DJ/live drummer combo and kept the party moving not the late night hours. There was a large Tahoe presence and the vibes were right on! A big thanks go out to our NorCal Sales Rep Allie Halperin for attending to the details and making it a good time for all. Click HERE for the photos

Friday, July 22, 2011

Back On Snow!

Thanks to my Man Date partner, Kurt Heine for putting this up on his facespace page. Shot this last week up on Hood and packed full of legends. Eero, Kevin Jones (!!!), Peter Line, Eddie Wall, Russell Winfield, Bittner, and more. Video is originally from, Eero's personal site/blog - lots of rad shit so check it out.

- seriously, bro...

the time has come: too much is going on that either needs to be hyped, or discredited... with that said, have a good weekend bitches, because next week brings a whole new beginning, full of real talk, and content you're not going to see elsewhere...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jake Welch on the back cover of Snowboarder Magazine

Congrats to Jake Welch for setting off the print year in high fashion. A big thanks goes to Jake, Kurt Heine, Kyle McCoy and Chaz Chaffee for making this photo happen and a extra big thanks to SNOWBOARDER! Wait until you see the video footage and the rest of Jake's part.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inside Look - Oakley's Field Testing Team Does Chile

Oakley recently sent a crew down to Chile to test their Fall/Winter '12 outerwear line and to give final feedback before the gear drops this coming season. Luckily - Oakley's Alaskan Territory Sales Rep and friend of DudeSoup (as well as insanely good big mountain shredder/deep sea fisherman...or is it fisherwoman?/grizzly bear fighter/and all around tougherthanyou bad ass) was one of test crew. After she got back, she wrote up a rundown of the trip and posted a number of photos to go along with it. Make sure to check out the gear Heather and crew put their stamp of approval on this fall.

Oh, one more thing - inside tip on how to impress women from AK: rough and 'manly' hands. When I met Heather several years ago, the first thing she told me was to turn over my hands so she could feel them. I turned them over, she ran her hands over my palms, told me that they were much too soft, and that I would never win over a girl from AK. Talk about being emasculated.

Don’t Cry for me Argentina but I had to leave you for Chile….

Hiking the Volcano

Bariloche or Las Lenas, Argentina? That was the question for the destination of the Fall 12 Oakley Field Testing team. Searching for the best snow conditions quickly turned into avoiding volcanic ash when the Puyehue volcano in Southern Chile decided to erupt. The final location of the testing trip was decided to take place at the Valley of Nevados, Chile. Nevados had the best snow conditions and was not affected by the volcanic ash. This was going to be a long journey for all, especially for me coming all the way from Alaska. (Click Photo or Read More for the rest of the story and photos!)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Soked to Alek and his buds getting some. Love that hat always flying off. Reminds me of Brushie or Salasnek back in the day.